What They’re Saying

AudreyShakir_20140621_058-by-Aloha-Bob“Audrey Shakir is one of the greatest bebop singers in the world today, a talent with a thrilling voice, sure to send elation through the audience .”

– Wynton Marsalis, Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra


“Audrey is without doubt one of the best vocalists in the jazz world. Her storytelling through her way of phrasing, and her amazing ability to scat, puts her right at the top. Its a pleasure to hear her anytime.”

– Sam Yi, Owner, Churchill Grounds, Atlanta


“Audrey Shakir is not only one of the best jazz vocalists that I have heard, she is unique with her own style, and hearing her vocal approach is the consummate combination of the human voice and instrumental interpretation being rendered as one.”

– Teddy Adams PHD, Trombonist, Musicologist, Composer


“Audrey Shakir is a delight! She is so incredibly talented. Her voice tonality is beautiful and she delivers the lyric so well. Most importantly, she makes everyone in the room feel she really cares about them.”

– Peggy Still Johnson
, Peggy Johnson Productions and Talent

“Whoever said they don’t make ’em like they used to hasn’t met Audrey Shakir. She sings with all the knowledge and depth of the classic jazz singers, but adds to that her modern twist. A perfect combination.”

– Justin Varnes, Drummer and Instructor, Georgia State University

“Vocalist Audrey Shakir is a bop improviser in the truest sense. Her favorites include Bud Powell, Barry Harris, and Charlie Parker. Shakir’s inventive, angular scat solos led guitarist Mike Kelly to quip,’ She’s my favorite horn player’”

– James Rozzi, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“She is a musician’s musician.”

– Neal Starkey, Atlanta-based Bass Player

“Audrey’s voice and music are like Audrey herself – gracious, honest, beautiful, and always swingin’.”

– Johnny Knapp, Renowned Pianist and Arranger

“Audrey Shakir “rocked” our entire Jazz Association membership in Savannah. She was engaging, compelling, fun and full of musical surprises.”

– Terry Herron, Concert Coordinator, Coastal Jazz Association

“Audrey Shakir’s performances are rich, illuminating affairs. They chart the versatility of a singer who regards her voice an equal to a piano or a horn.”

– Kenneth Rollins. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Audrey Shakir l’on considère comme l’héritière d’Ella Fitzgerald…Comme un premier amour, cette voix fait vibrer le cœur.” “Audrey Shakir is considered as the heir of Ella Fitzgerald… As a first love, her voice vibrates the heart.”

– Serge Zobeide for Le Monde

“When Shakir steps onto a stage and lets loose her powerful and melodious vocalizing, the label jazz artist extraordinaire seems fitting.”

– Gale Horton Gay for Atlanta Good Life Magazine

“With a voice that wavers delightfully between a husky alto to a cool contralto, Audrey Shakir provides an unusual third ‘horn’ to whatever saxophone Walter Blanding, Jr. chooses and to Marcus Printup’s trumpet.”

– Herb Boyd for The Network Journal